SurveyAnalytics Academic License

Surveys are a vital part of the educational process. SurveyAnalytics provides you with the tools you need to administer surveys to all your students and faculty member.

A few Applications are:

Feedback on course quality and teacher quality.

Accreditation requirements for courses. Very often to keep the course accredited it must have a structured feedback component, regularly administered. SurveyAnalytics make this easy.

General faculty or school surveys relating to employee satisfaction metrics.

We have tried to structure the SurveyAnalytics Academic License to be the most cost effective way to use SurveyAnalytics in the academic world. With the unlimited surveys and unlimited responses, SurveyAnalytics gives you all the tools you need for surveying the academic world.


Unlimited Users, Surveys, Responses

One Flat Price - Students, Faculty - Everyone

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